Arusha District Council

  • Arusha District Council
Arusha district council is among the two councils that forms Arumeru.Administratively is divided into 3 divisions, 20 wards, 75 Villages, 294 Hamlets and 64,339 Households . Occupies an area of 1,547.6 square kilometers. According to 2002 population and housing census the council had a population of 291,203 being 140,336 males and 150,867 females with a population growth rate of 3.4%.The Council now is approximated to have a population of 355,892 being 171,511 males and 184,381 females. Population density is 188 The ECO-BOMA projects only covers 2 Wards with 7 village in Arusha District Council.
Reference Person
District Executive Director
Sekei, Arusha Town